VMware Server + Vista != Working

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I bought Vista Ultimate x64 the week it was released. I ran it on my PC for roughly two weeks before deciding that XP was better.

However, XP will retire soon — maybe not in the next year or so but it will be retired — and with it security updates. I bothered to install it a couple of weeks ago thinking that now SP2 is available most of the problems people experienced over the past couple of years with Vista would be a non-issue.

For the most part this is correct. However, the one tool I use everyday for R & D is VMware Server which will not run on any version of Vista and connect to localhost, which means you can only connect to a remote server.

The actual problem is Vista has closed all methods of bypassing the signed driver policy and VMware Server drivers for Vista are unsigned.

The *only* fix that works (and I have tried them all) is to press F8 on startup and select the ‘Disable Driver Signing Policy.’ After login to Windows is successful I can run VMware Server as Administrator and this allows me to connect to localhost.

From what I’ve read so far this is a non-issue for Windows 7 and prior to Vista SP1 you could bypass unsigned drivers without remembering to press F8 every time you rebooted your computer.

So how is this for a break up letter:

Dear Mr Money Bags,

I am about to throw in the towel. I paid you your money, now let me use the software I want without making me jump through hoops. No wonder people just keep ripping you off — you keep screwing them.

I know it’s not very professional, and I won’t waste time writing something I know won’t be read by the people that need to and even if they do it’ll end up being the latest office joke. 

I paid for the flagship version of Vista, VMware Server is legitimate software, but I can’t use it without pressing F8 every time I startup or reboot my computer? Come on MS, why should I spend another $200 bucks to do so and with no guarantees you won’t do this to me again?

And EMC you are not off the hook with me either. If you would just have MS sign the drivers for Vista this would be a non-issue.

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  1. I have made it a point to never rush out and by anything MS releases, Windows ME burnt me many years ago, I still suffer nightmares from that :)

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