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Fresh Air

In Status on August 20, 2011 by netritious

Had a nasty storm come through earlier in the week, I think Tuesday Aug 16, sometime in the AM.

I have various UPS units distributed around my computer and networking equipment to give me enough time to crank up a generator in anticipation of extended periods of power failure. However, on Tuesday, I was able to shut every computer down and not worry about it. (I did use my laptop that has a good 1-1.5 hour battery life on full charge.)

Four days later and I still haven’t turned on the primary server which has faithfully hosted VMware Server 1.0.x and several VMs for the past two years on Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 LTS. I was able to leave the VMware Server host off because the previous Sunday the last of my hosted clients were finally moved to other hosted services ergo I no longer answer to others regarding my equipment.

What’s next? Hair cut, new suit, updated resume, and some job hunting. In the meantime I still have to:

  1. Finish my HTPC setup and clean up the mess left by it in the living room
  2. Use VMware Converter to clone my 1.6 year old installation of Windows 7 to the HTPC
  3. Install VMware Workstation 7 on the HTPC (which I got on sale for $151)
  4. Finish the surround sound speaker installation.
  5. Build a PC from some used parts for a low-income family in my neighborhood who qualified for Comcast’s $10 service. (Installing Ubuntu of course.)
  6. Upgrade daughter’s PC. Most likely will install Ubuntu but not 100% certain of that yet.
  7. Finish configuring the Cisco 871/877/878.
  8. Clean out the home office in preparation of refactoring my existing equipment.
  9. Do the yard: Cut grass, trim hedges, pull weeds, and edge yard. Also spray lawn/driveway/porch. Move a hydrangea. Need new mulch too but think I’ll wait till this fall when I plan moving a 1/4 ton of dirt to the back yard to level it out and fill some doggy holes.
  10. Finally (and permanently) setup my drum kit.

A fine breath of fresh air after a two year storm of hands on research, time consuming clients,  and random Comcast outages — which at the moment I don’t have to worry about any of it one iota.

Saoirse Fada Beo!

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Here Is Home

In Status on June 3, 2011 by netritious

After spending the last two years really wrapping my head around Ubuntu Linux, I am going to build my first Cloud Cluster Node.

What is a Cloud Cluster Node? I’ll let you know. :)

In the meantime I will be reallocating the hardware I currently use for hosting experiments to start from scratch. This means that is the permanent home for

So there you have it folks. Email is the same and feel free to contact me.

Will update again when I have time.

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Moved to

In Status on March 5, 2011 by netritious

In order to achieve maximum service transparency this blog was moved to — you guessed it —

This way during service outages you will still be able to reach *SOMETHING* that will tell you wth is going on with

This site will mostly be managed directly from my reliable Motorola Backflip (Android 2.1), which also serves as a real-time mobile service monitor and manager.

Imported old posts as keepsakes.

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